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Have you ever wanted to build your own shed? Have you heard of My Shed Plans? Have you bought a shed plan, started your project, and got stuck and couldn’t see your way through to the end of it? Did you find it difficult to conceptualize how you moved from one point to another point?


My Shed Plans
My Shed Plans



The truth is many shed plans blueprints don’t work. They are usually too complicated or just don’t make much sense for the average person to follow from one point to the other. Moreover, some are incomplete or have wrong instructions. They almost drive you crazy trying to figure it out. Only someone with vast experience building many projects would figure out how to go from one diagram to the other.


A great shed plan should include views of all angles and details. You should be able to see exactly how everything will look before it’s built. Sadly, many plans don’t give you that opportunity.


A great shed plan should also have step-by-step “lego” instructions. A shed plan should have detailed instructions which are simple that a kid could follow and do it. A shed plan should be detailed such that you know exactly what you are doing every step of the way.

Complicated instructions should be at a minimum and not have you thinking about what it all means. The problem with many shed plans is that they assume that you have significant experience to determine the next step. When the instructions are crystal clear, the shed is very easy to build such that all the pieces fit into place seamlessly.


Another great characteristic of shed plans is that they should consist of complete and precise materials and cutting lists. A complete list allows you to buy the exact amounts. It saves you time and cuts down on waste as you don’t buy what you really don’t need at that time for your shed project.


Most shed plans don’t inform you of everything you need to build the shed. They don’t tell you the purpose of a piece of material. Neither do they give you exact measurements to cut your lumber. A great shed plan never leaves you guessing.

 Additionally, a great shed plan gives you three-dimensional drawings. Other plans show only 1- sided views which isn’t adequate for conceptualization. it leaves gaps in your understanding of how to build the shed.


A great shed plan also has CAD-designed drawings which show exact proportions.  It’s shocking how many shed plans display completely wrong dimensions. Some even exhibit hand-drawn plans. It should also have “Used For” Labels.  The materials list should indicate exactly what each item is used for.


My Shed Plans consists of 12,000 perfect shed plans which are complete, clear, and easy to use. Get My Shed Plans today to easily build the shed you always wanted.

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