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Are you looking for the best bench grinders? Are you finding it difficult to find the right bench grinder for your projects? In this guide, we review some of the best bench grinders on the market today to help you make the right decision.

1.  WEN 4276 Bench Grinder

The WEN 4276 features a 2.1 amp motor with a speed of 3450 rpm. This bench grinder is used to rework dull blades, scissors, and screwdrivers. It is also used for deburring unwanted edges and rust removal. It is designed to make wheel guard removal simple for easy wheel changes.

Additionally, the eye guards provide protection from sparks and debris for a safe operation and can be adjusted to prevent them from interfering with your project. Its heavy-duty base minimizes wobbling during operation and ensures safe mounting. It comes with two wheels, the 60-grit wheel, which is used for general purpose grinding, and the 36-grit wheel for faster material removal. The WEN 4276 also features a work light that illuminates the workspace thereby promoting accurate sharpening.










       What We Like:

  • 2.1-Amp Motor
  • 3450 RPM
  • Sturdy Base
  • Flexible Work Light
  • Two Wheel Grits
  • Protective Eye Guards










2.  DEWALT Bench Grinder, (DW758)

The DEWALT DW758 features a 3/4 horsepower induction motor that provides power for grinding applications. Its induction motor runs at 3,600 rpm for high-speed material removal. The DEWALT DW758 also features a rugged cast iron base and motor housing that makes it durable and long-lasting.

Additionally, using the aluminum tool rests, you can position your work. It also has rear exhaust ports in the wheel guards for smoother operation. This bench grinder is ideal for sharpening tools, deburring, rust removal, shaping parts, and cleaning objects.








       What We Like:

  • 3/4 HP Induction Motor
  • Runs At 3,600 RPM
  • Rugged Cast Iron Base














3.  WEN BG4280 Bench Grinder

The WEN BG4280 features a 5 amp variable speed motor that ranges from 2000 to 3400 rpm. The slower speeds maximize precision while high speeds help with fast material removal. You benefit from quick start-ups and smooth performance with the variable speed motor.

Additionally, wheel guard removal is simple for easy wheel changes. The eye guards are adjustable to prevent them from interfering with your work. The eye guards also include built-in LED lights to keep your workspace illuminated. To facilitate angled grinding applications, the adjustable work rests pivots.








      What We Like:

  • 5 Amp Variable Speed Motor
  • 2000 To 3400 RPM












4.  DEWALT Bench Grinder, (DW756)

The DEWALT DW756 features a 5/8 horsepower induction motor that works for heavy-duty grinding operations. It runs at 3,450 revolutions per minute. Its industrial cast iron base and motor housing make it long-lasting and durable. The DEWALT DW756 also features rear exhaust ports in the wheel guards that offer smooth operations.

Additionally, its aluminum tool rests allow you to accurately position your work. It is ideal for sharpening tools, deburring, rust removal, cleaning objects, and shaping parts.








      What We Like:

  • 5/8 HP Induction Motor
  • 3,450 RPM














5.  SKIL 3380-01 Bench Grinder

The SKIL 3380-01 has a 2.1 amp motor that runs at 3,450 revolutions per minute. It features medium and coarse wheels for a variety of materials. With adjustable tool rests, you enhance the accuracy of grinding. To keep the workspace well lit, this bench grinder has built-in LED work lights over both wheels. You also get stability as you work with its solid cast-iron base with rubber feet. An additional layer of safety includes the eye guards that keep sparks and debris away from your eyes.








      What We Like:

  • 2.1 Amp Motor
  • 3,450 RPM
  • LED Work Lights















6.  Delta 23-196 Bench Grinder

The Delta 23-196 features a 2.5 amp induction motor for high performance. This bench grinder also features variable speed to accomplish tasks such as grinding, buffing, sharpening, and polishing. With its variable speed capability, you can control speeds from 2,000 to 3,400 revolutions per minute. The adjustable face shields protect your face from sparks and debris.









     What We Like:

  • 2.5 Amp Induction Motor
  • Variable Speed Control









7.  JET JBG-8B Bench Grinder (577102)

The JET JBG-8B features a 1 horsepower, 115-volt motor that runs at 3,450 revolutions per minute to perform heavy grinding. It is ideal for sharpening, cleaning, buffing, removing dust, or removing burs from metal. It also features industrial-grade 36-grit and 60-grit 8-inch wheels for versatility.

Additionally, to prolong the life of the JET JBG-8B, it features totally enclosed pre-lubricated ball bearings. It also has cast iron wheel guards and dust vents.








     What We Like:

  • 3,450 RPM
  • 115V Motor












8.  JET IBG-8 Bench Grinder (578008)

The JET IBG-8 features a 1.5 horsepower motor that runs at 3,600 revolutions per minute. This bench grinder is ideal for grinding, sharpening, and smoothing. It comes with a fine 60-grit and coarse 36-grit grinding wheels. With its cast-iron construction, this bench grinder can tackle any challenging task.









       What We Like:

  • 1.5 HP Motor
  • Runs At 3,600 RPM













9.  WEN BG4286 Bench Grinder

The WEN BG4286 features a 3 amp motor that runs at 1,750 revolutions per minute. It is ideal for reworking chisels, knives, bits, and more. It also features easy guard removal for quick wheel changes. Additionally, its adjustable work rests pivot to allow for angled grinding applications.









      What We Like:

  • 3 Amp Motor
  • 1,750 RPM













10.  BUCKTOOL Bench Grinder

The BUCKTOOL bench grinder has a 0.5 horsepower, dual-speed induction motor that provides smooth performance and steady torque at both low and high speed. The slow speed works well for sharpening edges while high speed works for quick metal removal. This bench grinder comes with 80-grit and 120-grit white aluminum oxide wheels that reduce heat build-up.

Additionally, the BUCKTOOL bench grinder has a sturdy cast iron base with mounting holes that prevent wobbling and walking. It also has a buffing wheel that can be used for multipurpose polishing. It also features two pieces of cast aluminum tool rests that can be adjusted to make up for wheel wear and to achieve different angles.









      What We Like:

  • 0.5 HP Motor
  • Dual-Speed Induction Motor
















11.  JET JBG-6B Bench Grinder (577101)

The JET JBG-6B features a 0.5 HP motor that runs at 3,450 rpm. It has fine 60-grit and coarse 36-grit grinding wheels. It is durable with cast iron wheel guards and dust vents. This bench grinder also has totally enclosed pre-lubricated ball bearings. Its stability is due to the rubber mounts that prevent movements and shifting.









      What We Like:

  • 0.5 HP Motor
  • 3,450 RPM













12.  Grizzly G9717 Bench Grinder

The Grizzly G9717 is a 1/3 HP, 110 volts single-phase industrial-duty bench grinder that runs at 3450 rpm. Its adjustable tool rests and eye shields make the sharpening of tools easy and simple. Additionally, this bench grinder also features fast starting and cool running all day.








       What We Like:

  • 1/3 HP Motor
  • 3,450 RPM












What To Look For In A Bench Grinder?

1.  Wheel Diameter

When you choose a bench grinder it is important to know which wheel size is the right size for the tasks you will perform with it. Many of the grinding tasks can be completed with a small grinder. However, if you will work on large projects, you may need a larger bench grinder.

A larger bench grinder will have a bigger diameter which will allow you more room to maneuver and work as there will be more surface area on the wheel that you can work with. The two sizes of grinder wheels are 6 inches and 8 inches in diameter.











2.  Power Supply

The power needed by bench grinders depends on the size and workload of the grinder. A small grinder will require less power than a large one. Large bench grinders are designed to be powered from the power outlet as they need a more and constant supply.










3.  Wheel Speed

Bench grinders are designed with different speeds. In fact, many are designed with variable speed that allows you to select the appropriate speed for the task. A fast grinding wheel generates more heat and this makes it easy to get the grinder damaged. Therefore a variable speed bench grinder has become more popular and is common today.










4.  Dust Port

Dust and debris can easily be collected in the grinder that may damage it. It is common today to find bench grinders designed with a dust port that allows you to attach a vacuum or another system to get rid of dust and debris. Large grinders can easily take in more dust and debris as they do a lot of grinding. Many are designed to attach a vacuum to get rid of dust and debris.









5.  Wheel Material

The Grinder wheels are made of different materials. The type of material that a grinder is made of determines the grinder’s best use. Most grinders wheels come in two grits – 36 grit for aggressive and 60 grit for finer grinding. Grinder wheels are made of the following materials – silicon carbide, aluminum carbide, wire wheels, ceramic aluminum oxide, and buffing wheels.










6.  Eye Guards

There is always a risk from power tools and the bench grinder is no exception. The safety measures designed with the grinder are an important factor to consider when choosing one. Eye guards protect your eyes from sparks and other debris. You can find eye guards designed with the grinder.









7.  LED Lights

LED lights illuminate the work area and help you see clearly what you are doing.










8.  Spark Arrestors

Some grinders are designed with spark arrestors that prevent sparks from flying all over the workshop. It may not seem one of the most important factors to consider, but if you have flammables in the vicinity of your work area, the spark arrestors will be another layer of safety.











Types Of Bench Grinders

Bench grinders come in two types- the 6-Inch (Regular Speed) and the 8-Inch (Slow Speed).

1.  6 Inch Bench Grinders

The 6-inch bench grinder is ideal for regular small-scale tasks like sharpening, cleaning, etc. They run at regular speeds and have the power for regular tasks. 6-inch bench grinders operate at 3400 to 3600 revolutions per minute.








2.  8 Inch Bench Grinders

8-inch bench grinders are the choice of professionals. They are used for large and professional work. They are slower but need fewer wheel changes.








Types Of Bench Grinder Wheels

There are many different types of bench grinder wheels. Each wheel is made of a different material on the grinding surface and may have a different grit. They serve different purposes and can also be designed with different hardness and rpm ratings.


1.  Straight Wheel

A straight wheel is ideal for sharpening chisels and other tools. You can use a straight wheel for any type of surface grinding, but they can also do centerless and cylindrical grinding.








2.  Tapered Wheel

The Tapered wheel is tapered towards the edges and can be used for more delicate work. Tapered wheels can be used for grinding threads or gear teeth.








3.  Saucer Wheel

The saucer wheel can be used to sharpen saw blades.









4.  Cylinder Wheel

A cylindrical wheel offers you a larger grinding surface than the standard horizontal wheels can provide. Cylindrical wheels can go up to 12 inches and this will allow you to grind a big sheet of metal.









5.  Diamond Wheel

A diamond wheel is used for working with hard materials. They are coated with small bits of diamond on the edge and can cut almost anything.








Types Of Grits

There are three types of grits – aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and ceramic grits.

1.  Aluminum Oxide Grit

Aluminum oxide grit is the most common grit type. The gray and brown are the most popular colors. These colors get the job done and they are not expensive. These colors can be used on low or high carbon steel. Pink and white are used on harder steel which needs a cooler cutting action to prevent burns. Ruby red is the most expensive and is used on tool steel.






2.  Silicon Carbide Grit

Silicon carbide is usually black or green. The black silicon carbide is very sharp and is used on softer metals like aluminum and also plastic. The black silicon carbide can also be used on stone-like marble. The green silicon carbide is sharper than the black and is used for strong metals like titanium or plasma material.








3.  Ceramic Grit

Ceramic grit isn’t dull. It fractures into sharper pieces when you use it. However, ceramic wheels are expensive.




Bench Grinder Accessories

  1.  Cast Iron Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand

The cast iron pedestal stand resolves this issue by providing an independent surface for you to attach your tool.








2.  6 Inch Professional Buffing Polishing Wheels

These polishing wheels are used for polishing, cutting, waxing, cleaning, repairing, restoring, reviving, etc. on any material like aluminum, stainless, steel, brass, cast-iron, auto bodywork & jewelry.









3.  Shaping Dish

The shaping dish is used to shape, contour, relieve, notch, flatten, trim, hollow, and adjust surfaces.



How do I choose a bench grinder?
When choosing a bench grinder, there are some features that you should pay attention to namely: power supply, wheel diameter, wheel speed, spark arrestors, eye guards, etc.
How powerful should a bench grinder be?
The higher the wattage, the more powerful is the bench grinder. A bench grinder with wattage between 250 to 370 watts is a good choice.
What is a bench grinder good for?
A bench grinder sharpens and grinds tools.







The Bottom Line

Bench grinders are a very powerful tool for many contractors and many other professionals and DIYers. In this guide, we review some of the best bench grinders to help you make an informed decision on your next bench grinder. Our recommendation for a bench grinder is the DEWALT Bench Grinder, (DW758).









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