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Are you in the market for the best die grinders? Are you a little overwhelmed with the variety of die grinders on the market? In this guide, we reviewed some of the best die grinders available to help you make an informed decision on the best grinder for your jobs.


1.  DEWALT Die Grinder, (DCG426B)

The DEWALT DCG426B features a brushless motor with 500 MWO of power. It also features a variable speed range of up to 25,000 RPM. With a dual-position rocker switch, you benefit from multiple handle grasping options.








        What We Like:

  • Brushless Motor
  • Variable Speed
  • Dual-Position Rocker Switch











2.  Ingersoll Rand 3101G Air Die Grinder

The Ingersoll Rand 3101G can be used for finishing, cutting, porting, weld breaking, deburring, polishing, and grinding. This die grinder is powered by compressed air, not electric, and has a 1/3 horsepower motor. You can easily and conveniently feed lubricants through a grease-fitting hole on the top.

Additionally, the Ingersoll Rand 3101G features a ball-bearing construction that is sturdy and lightweight. It also has an ergonomic grip that makes it comfortable to hold and use. Moreover, its ergonomic design provides great torque precision as well as increased productivity and safety. This die grinder also features a 1/4-inch collet, a rear exhaust, and a self-locking throttle.








        What We Like:

  • 1/3 HP Motor
  • Self-Locking Throttle
  • Rear Exhaust











3.  Makita GD0601 Die Grinder

The Makita GD0601 has an AC/DC motor that delivers 25,000 RPM. It features labyrinth construction that seals the motor and bearings to prevent debris from damaging its motor. Its armature is also sealed by a protective zig-zag varnish that prevents contamination by creating a barrier under rotation.

Additionally, this die grinder features an AC/DC switch to be used with an alternative power source. It is designed to route its air output away from the user’s face using directional air-flow vents. Its round-shaped collet nut prevents damage and scratches to the grinder. You get comfort from its rubberized gear housing.







       What We Like:

  • AC/DC Motor
  • 25,000 RPM
  • AC/DC Switch
  • Directional Air-FLow Vents











4.  DEWALT Die Grinder, (DWE4887)

The DEWALT DWE4887 features a 4.2 amp, 25,000 rpm motor for all 1-1/2-inch grinding applications. It has a paddle switch with a lock-on button for easy gripping. The AC/DC capacity works off welding machines and generators for productivity and versatility.









         What We Like:

  • 4.2 Amp Motor
  • 25,000 RPM
  • Paddle Switch












5.  Makita GD0600 Die Grinder

The Makita GD0600 features a 3.5 amp motor that delivers 25,000 rpm to take on a variety of applications. This die grinder also features an anti-dust varnish and labyrinth construction to protect it from debris and dust. It has a high heat resistance for long-lasting durability and features vent slots to channel air away from the user.

Additionally, it has a large paddle switch that provides for comfortable operations. It produces lower noise at 73 dB. A small barrel-diameter grip provides additional comfort. This die grinder also features a round-shaped collet nut that prevents damage and scratches to the grinder.









        What We Like:

  • 3.5 Amp Motor
  • 25,000 RPM
  • Large Paddle Switch
  • Labyrinth Construction












6.  Ingersoll Rand 308B Air Straight Die Grinder

The Ingersoll Rand 308B is powered by compressed air, not electrical power. Its durable ball-bearing construction provides improved balance minimizes vibration and prolongs the life of the grinder. It has a 0.33 horsepower motor with 25,000 rpm to take on a variety of applications.

Additionally, the Ingersoll Rand 308B also features an integral safety-lock throttle lever that prevents accidental start-ups. Its lightweight and ergonomic composite housing protects it from cold air and provides more comfort.







        What We Like:

  • Improved Balance
  • Reduced Vibrations
  • Air Powered
  • Safety-Lock Throttle Lever








7.  Astro Pneumatic Die Grinder Kit

The Astro pneumatic die grinder is compact and lightweight. It features a lever throttle for feathering control. The Astro pneumatic die grinder also has a rib textured handle that provides a firm grip. You benefit from fewer vibrations thanks to its composite handle. Air is directed away from the work surface by its rear exhaust airflow system.








       What We Like:

  • Lever Throttle
  • Rear Exhaust Air Flow System
  • Compact & Lightweight










8.  DEWALT Die Grinder, (DWMT70783)

The DEWALT DWMT70783 delivers 25,000 rpm for working on a variety of challenging applications. It features an ergonomically designed cushion body grip for comfort. To prevent accidental start-up, this die grinder has a self-locking touch control trigger.









       What We Like:

  • Touch Control Trigger
  • Safety Throttle Lever
  • 25000 RPM











9.  Chicago Pneumatic CP872 Die Grinder

The Chicago Pneumatic CP872 is an air die grinder for porting, light weld grinding, and breaking sharp edges. It features a lock-off throttle that prevents accidental start-ups. It features 27,000 rpm and directs air away from the work surface with the rear exhaust. It has 1/4-inch and 6 mm collets.









      What We Like:

  • Lock Off Throttle
  • 27,000 RPM












10.  Makita XDG01Z Die Grinder, Tool Only

The Makita XDG01Z is used for grinding, smoothing, and cutting. With a motor that operates at 25,000 rpm, this die grinder delivers faster grinding. It has a slide switch with a lock-on for safety. Additionally, it directs air away from you with vent slots. Moreover, to protect the motor, this grinder has a built-in LED protection circuit with over-torque.









        What We Like:

  • Slide Switch With Lock-On
  • Vent Slots
  • Built-in L.E.D. Protection Circuit
  • Stepped Neck








11.  Milwaukee 2784-20 M18 Die Grinder, (Tool Only)

The Milwaukee 2784-20 M18 features a brushless motor with 20,000 rpm. Its Redlink Plus Electronic Intelligence enables advanced communication between the grinder and its batteries, thereby providing high levels of performance, productivity, and performance.









       What We Like:

  • Brushless Motor
  • 20,000 RPM
  • Redlink Plus Electronic Intelligence










12.  Sunex SX5206 Air Die Grinder

The Sunex SX5206 features a 1/2 HP motor to tackle the most challenging jobs. It also has a speed control dial to select the speed setting for the application. This is an air die grinder hence it is powered by compressed air and not electrical power. It also has a composite handle for lightweight control.









        What We Like:

  • 0.5 HP Motor
  • Speed Control Dial












13.  DEWALT Die Grinder, (DWE4887N)

The DEWALT DWE4887N features a 4.2 amp, 25,000 rpm motor that provides the power and speed for all grinding applications. It has a paddle switch with no lock-on button. The AC/DC capacity of the die grinder works off welding machines and generators for increased productivity and versatility.








       What We Like:

  • 4.2 Amp Motor
  • 25,000 RPM
  • Paddle Switch








What To Look For In A Die Grinder?

1.  Variable Speed

One of the important factors to consider is whether the grinder features variable speed. This allows you to select the right speed for different applications. Today many grinders are designed with variable speed capability.







2.  Brushless Motor

Brushless motors have fewer parts, run more efficiently, and are more powerful than other motors.







3.  Collet Size

The collect size gives you an indication f the size of the bits that you can use for grinding.










4.  Power Rating

A high power rating equates to better performance. Electric die grinders are rated in volts and pneumatic grinders are rated in horsepower.









Types Of Die Grinders

1.  Pneumatic Die Grinders

Pneumatic die grinders are inexpensive and easy to use. They provide more torque for heavy material removal and are a popular choice for machinists and pattern makers. Pneumatic die grinders use air pressure supplied by an air compressor.

It could prove to be cumbersome using a pneumatic die grinder as you have to carry around the air compressor and its cord. However, if you have a large job to complete, then a pneumatic die grinder may be the right choice.







2.  Electric Die Grinders

Electric die grinders are heavier than pneumatic grinders. They operate with less noise than pneumatic die grinders as they use a motor to run. Electric die grinders get their power from the electrical outlet; hence they have to be plugged in. Electric die grinders are less powerful than pneumatic grinders. Additionally, there are two types of electrical die grinders – corded and cordless.









3.  Right Angle Die Grinders

Right angle die grinders are perpendicular to your body as they are built with a right-angle structure. They are ideal for situations in which a straight die grinder cannot fit.








4.  Straight Die Grinders

Straight die grinders sit on top of the body of the grinder thereby creating one straight line. They work well in situations that don’t require a tight spot.







Die Grinder Accessories

1.  Sanding Discs Set

The sanding disc set fits various surface conditioning and preconditioning situations, oil paint removal, rust removal, glue or adhesive removal, self-sharpening, sanding, cleaning, grinding, stripping, deburring, polishing, finishing, etc.









2.  Die Grinder Cut-Off Wheel

The Die grinder cut-off wheels help get the most demanding jobs done right and done fast.


What are die grinders used for?
Die grinders are used for grinding, sanding, honing, polishing, or machining material.
Do die grinders need guards?
Die grinders do not need guards.
Can die grinder cut steel?
Die grinders do cut steel in addition to aluminum, plastic or even cast iron.
Can you use a die grinder on concrete?
To work on concrete, die grinders require bits for concrete.






The Bottom Line

Die grinders are very essential to contractors and other professionals in the construction and home improvement industry. In this guide, we reviewed some of the best die grinders on the market today to help you make the right choice for your jobs. The DEWALT Die Grinder, (DCG426B) is our top pick for a die grinder.








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